iGriP Stud Inc

Vendor Name: iGriP Stud Inc.

Categories: Accessories, ATV / UTV, Dealer, Manufacturer, Parts, Performance Products, Safety, Snowmobiles, Tires / Wheels, Tracks, Traction, Trail Maintenance

Website:  www.igripstud.com

Whether you have a new or used track, iGRiP has a model of screw in studs for your snowmobile. These studs offer the advantage of being silent, inexpensive and easy to install. By its lightness they will not add excess weight to the track and no longer be afraid to puncture your radiator.

For trail safety, the addition of iGRiP stud will do a great job both when braking and accelerating. They will bring you stability, security and control of your sled on roads and icy curves.

Please visit our website to see other models available for ATV, UTV, heavy & light machineries, boots, bicycle etc… www.igripstud.com