Hay Days Terms & Conditions

2021 Hay Days Vendor Terms and Conditions

Site Location: All returning Vendors in good standing can apply to keep the same site from the previous year. We reserve the right to make layout changes, in which case we will attempt to relocate your site to a comparable location. Relocation is based on site availability.

All Vendor Site fees: Site fees are based on site size and location. The pricing includes use of the site for the duration of the event, four (4) 2-day wristbands, and one (1) vehicle pass for use in the Vendor Overflow Parking area ONLY. All individuals working at your site must have Hay Days authorized wristbands/credentials on at all times.  If you need more than four wristbands, you can purchase them online at the time of your payment for the site.

Payments: Payments are due by June 1st each year. After June 1st a late fee of $50.00 will be assessed. If full payment not received by June 15th, site will be forfeited and re-assigned to another vendor. Once a site is forfeited, if you want to return to Hay Days in the future, you must apply as a new vendor.

Site Modifications: Any modifications to a site must be approved in advance by the Sno Barons Club and performed using an approved contractor. Please let us know immediately if you feel modifications will be needed. Use of wood chips for ground covering is no longer allowed.

Insurance Requirements: Vendors agree to obtain Commercial General Liability insurance coverage for the period of Tuesday before the event through the Tuesday following the event, naming the Sno Barons Snowmobile Club, Inc. as additional insured. Sponsor agrees to have minimum coverage limits of $1,000,000 each occurrence including products/Completed Operations. A certificate of liability insurance shall be submitted to the Vendor Support email address listed below naming Sno Barons Snowmobile Club, Inc. as additional insured prior to the Hay Days Event. Please email your certificate ahead of time.

On-site Registration: All registered vendors first must stop by the Registration booth located near the main entrance when they arrive to pick up a registration packet containing wristbands/credentials, a parking pass, and other important information.

Site Setup: All site boundaries are measured and marked with plates or flags. Yellow plates or flags indicate the corners of each site, with Red plates marking the end of a row. Plates or flags are staked in the ground and should not be moved or altered in any way (violators will be assessed a fine of $500).  Food Vendors must be 15’ off the road.

Communicate your site number(s) to any tent company you hire before they arrive to set up your tent! They MUST be aware of the plate corner boundaries and set your tent up in the correct spot! If the tent is not setup within the plates or flagged area, the tent must be re-setup at your expense. All tent companies should stop at the Vendor booth to check in and we can help direct them with a map. Setup is allowed Tuesday through Thursday between the hours of 7AM and 7:30PM each day (includes getting all tents erected and all large vehicles/trailers in place).

Cancellation / Refund Policy:  All fees paid are non-refundable.

Optional Services:  Electric and internet services are available in certain areas of the Hay Days venue for an additional fee.  If your site has electrical, you must pay the additional fee.  No generators will be allowed in the areas where there is electrical on site.  It is your responsibility to supply all cables and/or extension cords needed to connect to services.  Please submit an inquiry to Vendor Support should you wish to take advantage of these optional services.

Use of the Site: Anyone conducting business within a Hay Days site must register with the Sno Barons Club. Vendor personnel must wear a valid wristband/credentials at all times.

  • Merchandise sold from your site must be in new condition and associated with your principal line of business.
  • Please make sure all tents (including stakes), displays, merchandise, signs, banners, etc. stay within your site boundaries.
  • Use of aerial balloons must be approved in advance.
  • No guerilla marketing is allowed outside of your site (if you want to have employees walking the grounds to promote your business, you must contact us first).
  • Generators are allowed and must adhere to electrical guidelines (and will be inspected by the electrical inspector for compliance).
  • On site Private/Company Parties are prohibited on your site unless as part of a sponsor package.

Vehicle Use/Parking: Vehicles with a valid parking pass affixed to the windshield should be parked in the designated Vendor parking area. Any vehicles on Vendors sites without authorization will be towed.  All other personal vehicles should use offsite parking. There should be no movement of vehicles around the venue during the Hay Days event on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. ATV/UTV/Golf cart passes are available in limited quantities for a nominal fee if you have a need for transportation within certain areas of the Hay Days venue. Be sure to request an application when reserving your site.

Site Teardown: Teardown should begin no sooner than 3PM on Sunday.  Vendors have 3 days after Hay Days to remove all tents, materials, and debris from their site. Please make sure your tent company is aware of this deadline. Vendors will be fined $150 if the tent stays beyond 3 days, and/or if any material or debris is not removed. The site will be assessed when you leave and any fine is applied to the next year’s payment.

Assignment:  Under no circumstances can a site be transferred or assigned to another business or business owner.

Security:  Vendor is responsible for the security of their own property and equipment at all times. While security personnel will be on duty during the weekend, no security personnel will be assigned specifically to Vendor site. The Event shall not be held responsible for loss, theft or damage to any property left on the Event grounds at any time.


Food Vendor additional Terms & Conditions

Food Vendor Site Fee:  A nonrefundable site fee of $250.00 + $100 electric fee (where applicable) is due to reserve a site at Hay Days.  The site fee payment is due by July 1st.  If full payment not received by July 1st, the site will be forfeited and re-assigned to another vendor. Once a site is forfeited, if you want to return to Hay Days in the future, you must apply as a new vendor.

Food Vendor Commission Payments:  At the completion of the Event, 25% of the gross receipts from food and beverage sales at the Event is payable as commission to the Sno Baron’s.  You must complete the Food Vendor Sales Report provided at check in and return it to Vendor Support by September 17, 2021.  You will receive an invoice for amounts due with payment instructions.

Food Vendor Hours of Operation: Food Vendor booths must be fully staffed and open for sales and must remain fully staffed and prepared to serve customers Hay Days Saturday from 7 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. regardless of weather conditions.  OPTIONAL: Food Vendors may open on Hay Days FRIDAY.  Please contact vendors@haydays.com with your planned Friday hours of operations.

Food Vendor Right to Sell: Vendor shall have the right to sell only pre-approved menu items, including both food and beverages, at the retail prices (including all applicable sales tax) established when the menu is approved by Vendor Support.  Sales are to occur only within the site designated by the Event.

Licenses and Permits:  All Vendors are responsible to obtain the required State/Local licenses and permits for operation at Hay Days.  Please submit copies to Vendor Support by August 1.  You will not be allowed to operate unless licensing and permit requirements have been met.

Water:  Potable water will be made available at the Event. Food Vendors are responsible for providing a means of transporting water from the Event’s source to assigned booth space.

Wastewater:  Please do not dispose of wastewater anywhere other than Event designated locations. Please make provisions immediately to mop up any standing water. Vendors observed dumping water in any unauthorized containers will be shut down.

Grease:  Please make sure you lay down a non-flammable covering underneath your cooking area. Please ensure grease-catching sheets extend beyond the primary cooking area to catch all splatters. Grease containers/barrels will be made available through Event for Food Vendors.

Food Vendor Campsite:  No camping/campers are allowed on any site.  A limited number of camping sites are available for an additional fee of $100 for the entire weekend.


Club Row Additional Terms & Conditions

Site Fees.   Site fees are as follows:  10’x10’ $0, 10’x20’ $50 or 10’x30’ $100.  Payment covers use of the site for the duration of the event and two (2) VIP Wristbands/Credentials.  All individuals working at your site must have wristbands/credentials on at all times.  Additional wristbands can purchased online.


Grass Drags PIT Reservation Terms and Conditions

PIT Spaces are for race teams only:  Not available to general public. If not racing, you will be denied entry and forfeit payments.

Assignments:  Spaces are non-transferable and payments are non-refundable.

Check In:  Name of purchaser must match name of person presenting at the Race Gate when checking in.  Spaces not occupied by Friday night 6pm Central will be forfeited and sold to other racers.

Pit Space Numbering:  Spaces with an odd number will be in the north row along the track fence line; even numbers will be in south row.  Spaces are numbered from low to high with the lowest number being closest to the Hot PITs.

Use of Space:  Open fires are prohibited in the PIT area.