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Returning Vendors

2022 Hay Days Vendor Portal

Etix Account Manager

General Information


Site fees are based on site size and location.  The pricing includes use of the site for the duration of the event, four (4) VIP Wristbands, and one (1) vehicle pass for use in the Dealer Overflow Parking area ONLY.  If you need more than four wristbands, you can purchase them online at the time of your payment for your site.


Payments are due by June 1st each year.  After June 1st a late fee of $350.00 will be assessed.  If full payment not received by June 15th, site will be forfeited and re-assigned to another vendor. Once a site is forfeited, if you want to return to Hay Days in the future, you must apply as a new vendor.

Refund Policy

All fees paid are non-refundable.

Insurance Requirements

Vendors agree to obtain Commercial General Liability insurance coverage for the period of Tuesday before the event through the Wednesday following the event, naming the Sno Barons Snowmobile Club, Inc. as additional insured.  Vendor agrees to have minimum coverage limits of $1,000,000 each occurrence including products/Completed Operations.  A certificate of liability insurance shall be submitted to the Vendor Support email address listed below naming Sno Barons Snowmobile Club, Inc. as additional insured prior to the Hay Days Event.  Please email your certificate ahead of time.

Site Location

All returning Dealers in good standing can apply to keep the same site from the previous year.  We reserve the right to make layout changes, in which case we will attempt to relocate your site to a comparable location.  Relocation is based on site availability.


Under no circumstances can a site be transferred to another business or business owner.

Site Modifications

Any modifications to a site must be approved in advance by the Sno Barons Club and performed using an approved contractor.  Please let us know immediately if you feel modifications will be needed.  Use of wood chips for ground covering is no longer allowed.

On-site Registration

All registered vendors first must stop by the Dealer Registration booth located near the main entrance when they arrive to pick up a registration packet containing wristbands, a parking pass, and other important information.  The registration booth is open 7AM – 6PM daily, starting Tuesday before the event.

Site Setup

All site boundaries are measured and marked with plates or flags.  Yellow plates or flags indicate the corners of each site, with Red plates marking the end of a row.  Plates or flags are staked in the ground and should not be moved or altered in any way (violators will be assessed a fine of $500).  PLEASE MAKE SURE you communicate your site number(s) to any tent company you hire before they arrive to set up your tent!  They MUST be aware of the plate corner boundaries and set your tent up in the correct spot!  If the tent is not setup within the plates or flagged area, the tent must be re-setup at your expense.  All tent companies should stop at the Dealer booth to check in and we can help direct them with a map.  Setup is allowed Tuesday through Thursday between the hours of 7AM and 7:30PM each day (includes getting all tents erected and all large vehicles/trailers in place).

Use of the Site

Anyone conducting business within a Hay Days site must register with the Sno Barons Club.  Vendor personnel must wear a valid wristband at all times.  Merchandise sold from your site must be in new condition and associated with your principal line of business.  Please make sure all tents (including stakes), displays, merchandise, signs, banners, etc. stay within your site boundaries.  Use of aerial balloons must be approved in advance. No guerilla marketing is allowed outside of your site (if you want to have employees walking the grounds to promote your business for an additional fee, you must contact us first).  Generators are allowed and must adhere to electrical guidelines (and will be inspected by the electrical inspector for compliance).  On site private networking events are allowed for Sponsors only and MUST be approved in advance by the Sno Barons and follow specific guidelines.  If you are a Sponsor and interested in hosting a private networking event during Hay Days, contact us immediately.  PLEASE be considerate of neighbors conducting business and keep noise levels to a minimum so that they can talk to their customers.

Vehicle Use/Parking

Vehicles with a valid parking pass affixed to the windshield should be parked in the designated Dealer parking area accessible via the South Gate.  All other personal vehicles should use offsite parking.  There should be no movement of vehicles around the venue during the Hay Days event on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  ATV/UTV/Golf cart passes are available in limited quantities for a nominal fee if you have a need for transportation within certain areas of the Hay Days venue.  Be sure to request an application when reserving your site.

Site Teardown

Teardown should begin no sooner than 3PM on Sunday.  Dealers have 3 days after Hay Days to remove all materials from their site.  Please make sure your tent company is aware of this deadline.  Dealers will be fined $150 if the tent stays beyond 3 days, and/or if any material or debris is not removed. The site will be assessed when you leave and any fine is applied to the next year’s payment.

Contact the Vendor Support Hotline at (952) 820-5191

or email with any questions or concerns.



Second Chance SWAP Update:

Beginning Saturday night and again on Sunday morning, swap space will be available at the Swap Gate Entrance. The cost of this swap space will be a flat rate of $60 regardless of trailer/truck combination and size. This price will also include ONE wristband for admission. Additional wristbands can be purchased for $20 each (required for all persons age 13 and older). Only cash for payment is accepted at the Swap Gate.

Depending on foot traffic, we will start assigning swap spots around 6:00 or 7:00 PM Saturday night and on Sunday morning after 6:00 AM. You may begin lining up in the Swap Chute holding area after 4pm Saturday for those that wish to enter Saturday evening. The gate will remain open Saturday night till 10pm. DO NOT COME OUT FRIDAY, YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY.

Swap sites are SOLD OUT for 2022!

Contact for any questions or to be put on a waitlist. 

All Swap Vendors must fill out and submit a ST-19 Form. Please download HERE, fill it out and send it back to

Why do I need to fill out FORM ST-19 to sell at Hay Days Swap Meet? 

Operators/organizers of craft, antique, coin, stamp or comic book shows; flea markets; convention exhibit areas; or similar events are required by Minnesota law to get written evidence that persons who do business at the show or event have a valid Minnesota tax ID number.

Hay Days is required by the MN Dept of Revenue to have a completed Form ST19 for every Seller.

This form provides written documentation showing:

• Seller has a MN Sales Tax ID Number


• Seller is not required to have one because the items they are selling are non-taxable


• Seller qualifies for the “Isolated & Occasional Sales” exemption

How do I Register for a Minnesota Tax ID Number? 

Online at 


Call 651-282-5225 or Toll free at 1-800-657-3605

There is no charge to get a number. But, you will be required to report taxable sales each quarter to the state of Minnesota.

Do I Qualify for the Isolated & Occasional Sales Exemption? 

To qualify for “Isolated & Occasional Sales” exemption, all of these conditions must be met:

• Seller participates in only one event per calendar year that lasts no more than 3 days; and

• Seller makes sales of $500 or less during the calendar year; and

• Seller provides a written statement to this effect and includes their name, address and phone number (Form ST19)

Who Needs to Have A Minnesota Tax ID Number? 

Any seller making taxable sales at the Hay Days Swappers Meet must have a MN ID Number unless they qualify for the “Isolated and Occasional Sales” exemption.

This includes out-of-state vendors.

See for more information if you’re not sure the items you’re selling are taxable.

DOWNLOAD YOUR ST-19 FORM HERE. Fill it out, and send it back to


Note there will NOT be a separate Vintage area this year.

We will be using electronic ticketing again in 2022.  You will purchase Swap sites, RV permits, Shower permits, and 2-day wristbands online.   We will send an immediate email order confirmation and approximately 3 weeks before Hay Days you will receive a link via email to download your tickets, so you can print tickets at home and bring them with you to Hay Days.  When purchasing your tickets, at checkout you have the option to request tickets to be mailed to you for an additional fee.


2022 Pricing

  • Swap site $60 (minimum of two sites required)
  • RV Permits $200 (can only be purchased if you have purchased Swap sites, but can be purchased at a later date)
  • Wristbands (weekend pass required for Swap): $30 (plus tax and fees) online, or $40 at the gate.  Tickets purchased online will be scanned at the gate and exchanged for wristbands.

Swap Site permits

  • Swap sites measure 20’ long x 19’ wide. Each vehicle and trailer will be required to purchase a minimum of two 20’ sites.  You can purchase more sites, up to a maximum of 20 for yourself or a group traveling with you.  Please measure your setup(s) prior to purchasing.   Site size requirement is based on the full length of the tow vehicle plus connected trailer.  If you have rear doors that need to be opened or a ramp to extend, do not forget to account for that in the space requirement.
  • We will measure your vehicle and trailer at the gate and they must fit in your reserved Swap sites. Vehicles that exceed the size of the swap site purchased will have to wait until all other Swappers are parked and allowed entry ONLY IF space is still available to accommodate your vehicles. There will be a $100.00 penalty plus the cost of the additional site. Size matters! Plan accordingly!
  • If you are purchasing sites for a group, remember that each vehicle in the group is required to adhere to the two-site minimum purchase. You can choose to share the space in any combination provided the entire group fits in the total space ordered.  ALL members of the group must arrive in line at the same time for check-in.

RV permits

All RV’s, motor homes, camper trailers, toy haulers, 5th wheel campers, goose neck campers, fish house (Ice Castle, etc) and similar will be required to purchase a RV/Camper Permit for entry. The only exception to this is popup camper trailers under 10′ in length and pickup bed campers. This fee is in addition to the required swap space to fit the RV vehicle in. Failure to purchase this permit in advance will delay your entry.


Everyone in the group must purchase a 2-day wristband prior to entry.  Wristbands can be purchased on-line at the same time your Swap sites are purchased.   They can also be purchased separately online or at the gate.  NOTE that only the Swap Gate is open on Friday so members of your party using offsite parking or arriving later must arrange to meet you at the gate for entry.

Sunday Stay Late

Back by popular demand! Stay late 3pm Sunday and receive first dibs for renewing your space in 2023. Etix Swap License paperwork will be collected starting at 3pm Sunday at the exit gates. No early submissions and one submission per vehicle only.

Arrival at Hay Days

  • Entry for Swap parking will only be allowed on Friday. Swappers will be parked on a first come, first serves basis.
  • Please bring your tickets (electronic or printed) which will be scanned for access at the gate. You will have a ticket for your Swap sites, a second ticket for Wristbands, and possibly a third ticket for any RV permit(s) you may have purchased.  Be prepared to present your tickets at the gate.
  • The gate opens at 7AM on Friday. DO NOT arrive before this time or law enforcement will turn you away.  Overnight waiting on the highway is not allowed.
  • Prior to 3pm on Friday, turning off Hwy 95 onto Oriole (County 70), will not be allowed. Please follow the roadside signs for swap entry.
  • Swap gate entry will close at 11pm Friday
  • There is NO guarantee of a right-side aisle space for your RV/camper. We have limited availability and heavy demand
  • There are no spectator gates open on Friday. If anyone in your Swap group is arriving later on foot (ie. parking off site), you must meet them at the Swap Gate for entry. Parking overnight on Friday is usually available at the lot south of the site, Racers Edge and Chicken Coop. See the parking MAP.

Generator Exhaust

All RV’s and campers running a gas/diesel/kerosene generator or idling engines will be required to use a Generator Exhaust Adapter System that will vent the exhaust at the RV roof level or higher. These can be purchased for a nominal cost at places such as Amazon, Walmart, RV dealers and so forth.  Your venting kit will be examined at the Swap Gate when checking in. This is a mandatory requirement per the MN Department of Health. Failure to comply with this condition may delay your entry and/or result in being located in a less desirable area of the Swap grounds.  While standalone/portable generators are not required to have the exhaust kit, they will be required to be spaced a MINIMUM of 7′ (in all directions) from any type of sleeping quarters, be it a camper, tent, truck, trailer, ground, etc. This is a mandatory requirement per the MN Department of Health.